Lee and Crystal Cossins the owner of The Fun Photo Company

Have you ever been let down at a really important time, just when you thought everything was going so well? Well that’s what happened to us when we were planning a very special event… our wedding.


Our journey started when we knew we wanted something extra special to make our occasion one to cherish and remember. Having spent hours searching for inspiration, we loved the idea of having a Photo Booth to bring people together and create some fun lifetime memories at the same time.


Price was a major objection, as they were all so expensive! It took hours of scouring the web in search of something that would fit into our budget and eventually, we found one that looked like a reputable company, so we booked it. 


All was going well until only a few days before the wedding. We received a letter from the Photo Booth Company to say that they had gone into bankruptcy. Not only were we now without the centerpiece of our wedding reception, we had lost a considerable amount of money on it.  The news devastated us at first, because we thought we would never find another Photo Booth at such short notice. Luckily for us though, we managed to find another one (at a very high last minute price) that would do the trick. It was a very expensive, time-consuming and painful lesson to learn, but at least everything was back on track.


We got married on Valentines Day and apart from the flowers turning out to be a disaster and the Grooms car driving off with the Best Man's speech in the boot (aarrrrrgh!) the day went without a hitch and was perfect in all other respects J


The Photo Booth did just as we had hoped. It brought both sides of the family together, turned strangers into friends, gave everybody a really good laugh and we now have loads of happy photos to help us remember such a special day. This led us to think about how we could stop other people from going through the same awful experience we’d been through, so we set to work on finding the very best Photo Booth we could invest in to do this ourselves. The Fun Photo Company was born and our Photo Booth has now featured at lots of different celebratory events, from weddings and birthday parties to corporate entertainment and employee work parties, all over Essex! The company has received a 100% customer satisfaction record and we are now in the process of expanding to keep up with the demand for our great price, great quality, and great entertainment Photo Booth hire.


All Fun Photo Company Photo Booths come with a huge variety of props and the very latest technology, which incorporates special LED lighting to enhance your photographic memories. You can even have your own branded Photo Booth to get your company branding into the photos! We even commissioned a lot of our props to be made especially for us, so you won’t find many of our Photobooth props anywhere else! This is to ensure you don’t just have the same standard props as every other company out there and you receive the very best service in Photo Booth entertainment and fun.


Our feedback and testimonials from so many happy customers demonstrate that we really do go above and beyond what our customers actually pay for time after time. Unlike some of our higher priced competitors, The Fun Photo Company does not just see you as a number. What we see when we take your booking is the opportunity to give you and your guests a great time that you will remember and want to tell others about. Our brand is built on 100% word of mouth referral, so what you think of us really matters.


As a husband and wife team with over ten years of customer service experience between us, our mission is to make your special event the best it can be, whilst ensuring you don’t get messed around like we did. We guarantee you’ll love what you get from working with us and as long as you are smiling... so are we!!